Know Flash Games

Adobe Flash Games Everything You Need to Know

If you love video games, then you have probably played some flash games. They are on a web browser and are currently still playable until the end of 2020. So, what are flash games, and what do they do. Well, Adobe bought out Macromedia and purchased their flash software. The software allows you to play games on any web browser. Well, not Safari or iPhones, because Apple doesn’t like their software, but everyone else uses it. What games are out there? And where can you find them? What is unique about these games? 

Flash to End In 2020

Well, as far as a good ride, Adobe’s flash has lasted longer than a lot of other software out there. It is now out of date, insecure, and unstable. This is essentially what led to flash’s demise. However, it had a great 24-year ride, and in technology that’s amazing. So to remember flash let’s take a moment of silence. . . okay, enough of that. Flash is ending soon, and we don’t know who’ll take the reins next.

What is Flash, and What Does It Do?

Well, put simply, you download the software on any web browser, and you can play games for free. This download is everywhere. Chances are, if you tried to play an online game, then your computer told you to install Adobe Flash about 100 times. If you haven’t seen it, then you probably aren’t seeing this post. Flash was originated in 1996 and was created for people who wanted to play games online when it required you to download them to play. However, flash stepped in and told users to just download their software so that they could play online games without having to download them. 


Like every type of video game, flash games have genres. Some of them have sub-genre’s and some of them have multiple genres. These genres include; RPG, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy, and many others. There’re over 50 different genres not including sub genres or cross genres. So if you are trying to find a game you like, don’t worry, there is something out there to interest you. 

Where to Find These Games

If you are looking for these games, then you can find them virtually everywhere. I mean they literally are all over the web. Some of these places include; Facebook,,,, along with many other great sites that allow games with flash software. 

What is Unique About Adobe Flash?

Well, what made them unique was the ability to download their software in order to play any other web-based game. So in essence, you can use flash to bypass the download process for all of those games. However, over the years, it’s become necessary to use flash to play games. Instead of the way it was used in the 90’s to be able to use instead of downloading games. So in essence, this is the majority of the reason people have wanted adobe gone. But, If they’d become optional instead of mandatory, people may have like them a bit more, and they could’ve hung around for years to come.